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PVC Four-pipe Production Line
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  • PVC Four-pipe Production Line

    Main technical features:

    1. Large extrusion capacity, high output, good plasticization, and sufficient exhaust.

    2. Equipped with a quantitative feeding system and step-less speed regulation to meet different output requirements.

    3. Special mold runner design, adjustable core temperature control, good mold forming effect.

    4. Vacuum tank made of SUS-304 stainless steel, anti-corrosive and durable; Accurate water level, water temperature, and vacuum degree automatic control system.

    5. Each caterpillar of the haul-off unit is controlled by a separate permanent magnet synchronous motor, which works stably; A meter-counter shield is installed for safe operation.

    • Description
    PVC Four-pipe Production Line
    Line Model Diameter Range(mm) Extruder Model Max. Output(kg/h) Length of Line(m) Total Installation Power(kW) Remarks
    BLS-32FPVC 16-32 BLE65-132 280 20 110 four-pipe
    BLS-32FPVC 16-32 BLE80-156 450 19 165 four-pipe
    BLS-48FPVC 48.1 BLE92-188 850 25 220 four-pipe
    BLS-32FPVC 16-32 BLE65-132G 450 20 110 four-pipe
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