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Welcome to the future and start a brilliant career with Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., LTD.
We offer a wide range of positions, Marketing, Sales, Research and Development, Design, Finance, Production, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, etc.

We believe it is essential to maintain the vitality of our staff who are the bearers of the company’s values and vision.

And we invest in developing the potential of talented employees who will hold key positions in the Group’s management.

Non-discrimination and diversity in employment, salary, and access to positions of responsibility are fundamental elements of our HR policy.

Welcome to join us.


Our job offer:

Overseas Salesman / Overseas Sales Manager

1. To be responsible for market analysis and strategic planning and execute program promotion plans in assigned territories or geographic regions.
2. To develop and maintain customer relationships and offer good sales service.
3. To follow up the account receivable in assigned territories or geographic regions.
4. To collect customer requirements, visit consumers, keep the feedback and establish the customer record file.
5. Other tasks arranged by supervisor.

Address: Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., LTD.
Job type: Full-Time

1. Bachelor’s degree or above.
2. Fluent in English speaking, reading, and writing. Good command in Spanish/Russian/Arabic is preferred; native persons are preferred.
3. Good at information collecting; strong communication skills; be highly organized and effective;
4. Available to work full time.
5. Very capable in Sales Strategy Planning and Sales target accomplishment.
6. Self-motivated with passion and team working spirit is mandatory; result-oriented and could work under pressure.

The information on long-term effectiveness.

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