MEDIA Precautions for Summer Safety Production

Precautions for Summer Safety Production

May 29, 2021

In the hot summer, safety production is very important. Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of large-scale equipment such as plastic pipe production line, profile and panel production line, and cast film production line. The temperature in the workshop is relatively high, and various safety production accidents are prone to occur, making it hard for production activities. All kinds of safety precautions must be taken in earnest. The main points of summer safety production prevention are listed to help everyone develop good safety habits and prevent all kinds of accidents.

  1. Electricity safety in summer

It is hot in summer, people wear thin clothes and are sweating all the time, which increases the risk of electric shock. In addition, it is humid and rainy during this period, and the insulation performance of electrical equipment has been reduced. This makes summer a prone season for electrical safety accidents, so it is particularly important to take good care of electrical safety.

  1. Heatstroke prevention and cooling safety

In summer, the workshop temperature is high, and continuous overload work is likely to cause heatstroke accidents. Only by doing a good job in preventing heatstroke, can seasonal safety hazards be eliminated. Heatstroke prevention drugs should be prepared, and the supply of salty beverages should be adequate.

  1. Wearing personal protective kits

During the operation, the operator must wear personal protective kits, for example wearing a safety helmet, and fastening a safety belt when working at heights. Wearing these things in hot weather makes people feel hotter, so some workers don’t want to wear them during the work process. Once the danger comes, without the basic protection, the accidents that were not originally very harmful become more serious.

  1. Equipment and material safety

Key management should be given to the installation and disassembly of large machineries such as cranes and lifting machinery. The operators must strictly abide by the disassembly and assembly plan and technical information, and the safety management personnel must do a good job in supervision and inspection. Materials should be protected from the sun. The warehouse materials should be stacked neatly and well ventilated. Flammable and explosive materials should be stored separately.

  1. Fire Safety

Implement various fire prevention systems, complete fire control facilities, strictly control open fire operations, strictly prohibit unauthorized electrical wires connecting, and strengthen storage and use management of flammable and explosive products.

  1. Lightning protection safety

In summer, thunderstorms come frequently. For large machineries, such as cranes, lifting machinery, etc., lightning protection must be in place.

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