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Vacuum Tank
  • vacuum tank
  • Vacuum Tank

    Main technical features:

    1. Double-pump spray cooling system, uniform misting at spray nozzles, fast cooling, efficient shaping.

    2. With precise automatic control system of water level and water temperature.

    3. The vacuum pump motor is controlled by the frequency converter, and the vacuum degree can be adjusted automatically after setting.

    4. The pipe filter does not need to be shut down for cleaning.

    5. The tank body is made of SUS304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, and durable.

    • Description
    Line Model Model Pipe Range(mm) Remarks
    BLFV -32PVC BLFV-32PVC 16-32 Four-pipe
    BLV-32 PPR BLV-32 16-32 Immersion-type
    BLV-63PE BLV-63 16-63
    BLV-63PVC BLV-63 16-63
    BLDV2-63 PVC BLDV2-63 16-63 Twin-pipe, dual-tank
    BLDV1-63 BLDV1-63 16-63 Twin-pipe, one-tank
    BLV-110PE BLV-110 20-110
    BLV-110PVC BLV-110 20-110
    BLDV2-110 PVC BLDV2-110 20-110 Twin-pipe, dual-tank
    BLV-160PE BLV-160 20-160
    BLV-160PVC BLV-160 20-160
    BLDV2-160 PVC BLDV2-160 20-160 Twin-pipe, dual-tank
    BLV-250PE BLV-250 50-250
    BLV-250PE(B) BLV-250B 50-250
    BLV-250PVC (I) BLV-250 50-250
    BLV-250PVC(II) BLV-250 50-250
    BLV-315PE(I) BLV-315 110-315
    BLV-315PVC BLV-315 75-315
    BLV-315PE(II) BLV-315B 75-315
    BLV-400PVC BLV-400 110-400
    BLV-450PE BLV-450 110-450
    BLV-630PE BLV-630 160-630 630PE (2+8+6)
    BLV-630PVC BLV-630 110-630
    BLV-800PE BLV-800 280-800 800PE (2+8+6)
    BLV-800PVC BLV-800 280-800
    BLV-1000PE BLV-1000 400-1000 1000PE (2+8+6)
    BLV-1200PE BLV-1200 400-1200 1200PE (2+8+6)
    BLV-1200PE BLV-1200 400-1200 1200PE (2+10)
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