медиа Blesson идет в ногу с тенденциями развития труб PPR и продолжает внедрять инновации

Blesson идет в ногу с тенденциями развития труб PPR и продолжает внедрять инновации

March 4, 2022

В последние годы, с быстрым развитием строительства, сельское хозяйство, промышленность, водосберегающее машиностроение и коммунальное машиностроение, it has received public attention and favor. В будущем, replacing steel with plastic is a long-term development trend. Nowadays, the requirements of public customers for PPR pipes are gradually increasing, and high-performance PPR pipes have become the first choice of the public. It is the key to continuously improve the low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance of PPR pipes.

Труба PPR от оборудования Blesson

The PPR pipe produced by the Производственная линия труб PPR developed and manufactured by Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., ООО. has the characteristics of non-toxicity, термостойкость, сопротивление давления, long service life and beautiful appearance, and has received unanimous praise from customers. The PPR pipe production line manufactured by Blesson has various models, and customers can choose according to their own needs.

Линия по производству труб PPR Высокоэффективный одношнековый экструдер от оборудования Blesson

  • Our PPR pipe production line is equipped with a high-performance single-screw extruder. The single-screw extruder is equipped with a forced cooling system, which can forcely cool the lubricating oil and the blanking seat of the gear box, thereby prolonging the life of the gear box and preventing the phenomenon of bridging in the blanking.
  • The extrusion die of the PPR pipe production line has the advantages of reasonable flow channel, uniform temperature field distribution, and controllable core temperature, which makes the quality of the extruded PPR pipe better.
  • As an important part of the PPR pipe production line, the vacuum tank can quickly cool and shape the PPR pipe. The vacuum tank of our company has the advantages of fast cooling speed, сильный вакуум, uniform spray nozzle atomization, Др. The case body of the vacuum tank is made of high-quality stainless steel, который является антикоррозийным и долговечным.
  • The spray tank of the PPR pipe production line has the characteristics of convenient operation and convenient maintenance. After the PPR pipe enters the spray tank through the vacuum tank, it is supported by nylon rollers, which will not cause damage to the PPR pipe.
  • According to the size of different PPR pipes and the actual needs of customers, Blesson can provide belt haul-off unit or caterpillar haul-off unit. Each belt/caterpillar runs synchronously under the control of an independent permanent magnet synchronous motor, and can work stably. A protective safety cover is mounted on the discharging direction of haul-off unit, which could secure safety during the operation.
  • Our swarfless cutting unit has high precision and low noise, and the section of the cutting pipe is smooth and flat.

PPR Трубы Производственная линия Онлайн PPR труб автоматическая обвязка и упаковочная машина от Blesson machinery

Гуандун Блессон Точность Машины Ко, ООО. insists on continuous innovation and development, keeps up with the development trend of the times, continuously optimizes the PPR pipe production line equipment, and builds high-quality presses. If you are interested in our PPR pipe production line, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами.


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