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  • Socketing Machinery By Blesson Precision Machinery
  • सॉकेटिंग मशीन

    मुख्य तकनीकी विशेषताएं:

    1. High degree of automation, stable and reliable performance, सुविधाजनक प्रचालन.

    2. Strong adaptability to different processes, the socketing effect is smooth and round, without obvious steps, and reaches the national standard.

    3. The socketing machine uses the cylinder to move the socketed pipe in translation, which is stable and accurate without damaging the surface of the pipe.

    4. Some models can be switched between U-shape and R-shape socketing methods. The selection of the socketing method is very convenient and the process adaptability is strong.

    5. The pipe shaping system adopts external pressure shaping, and the shaping size is accurate.

    6. The hydraulic fully automatic demoulding ensures that the socketed pipe will not be locked on the mold.

    7. Fully automatic overall lifting workbench, easy to operate.

    8. The oven heating system, equipped with a rotary heating device, ensures the accuracy of pipe socketing.

    9. Using Siemens PLC and Siemens touch screen control, stable and reliable.

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    लाइन मॉडल पाइप रेंज


    Pipe Length


    Total Power


    Socketing Type
    BLK-40 five-pipe belling machine 16-40 3-6 15 U
    BLK-63S twin-pipe belling machine 16-63 3-6 8.4 U
    BLK-75 twin-pipe belling machine 20-75 3-6 7 U
    BLK-110 single-pipe belling machine 20-110 3-6 7 U
    BLK-110 twin-pipe belling machine 32-110 3-6 15 U/R
    BLK-160 belling machine 40-160 3-6 11 U/R
    BLK-250 belling machine 50-250 3-6 14 U/R
    BLK-400 belling machine 160-400 3-6 31 U/R
    BLK-630 belling machine 250-630 4-8 40 U/R
    BLK-800 belling machine 500-800 4-8 50 R
    BLK-1000 belling machine 630-1000 4-8 60 R
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