मीडिया Blesson पीई-आरटी पाइप एक्सट्रूशन लाइन सफलतापूर्वक कमीशन

Blesson पीई-आरटी पाइप एक्सट्रूशन लाइन सफलतापूर्वक कमीशन

मई 31, 2021

उठाया तापमान की पॉलीथीन (पीई-आरटी) pipe is a high-temperature flexible plastic pressure pipe suitable for floor heating and cooling, plumbing, ice melting, and ground source geothermal piping systems, which is becoming more and more popular in the modern world.

गुआंगदोंग ब्लेसन प्रिसिजन मशीनरी कंपनी, लिमिटेड. successfully commissioned the latest Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (पीई-आरटी)pipe extrusion line from 16mm~32mm recently. Below is the breakdown of this production line.

समाचार को गढ़ना या क़िस्‍म मात्रा
1 BLD65-34 सिंगल स्क्रू एक्सट्रूडर 1
2 BLV-32 Water-immersed Vacuum Tank 1
3 बीएलडब्ल्यूबी-32 Immersion Type Cooling Trough 3
4 BLHFC-32 Double Belt Hauling Fly-knife Cutting Unit Combination 1
5 BLSJ-32 Double-station Winding Unit 1
6 BDØ16-Ø32PERT Extrusion Die Body 1
6.1 Die Head Die Head
6.2 झाड़ी झाड़ी
6.3 Pin Pin
6.4 Calibrator Calibrators


The main technical features of this production line are as below:

1.The whole pipe extrusion line is specially designed for high-speed production, which can meet the maximum production line speed of 60m / मिनट;

2.Special PE-RT screw is used in our single screw extruder to ensure the plasticization under high-speed production;

3.The second-generation PE-RT pipe extrusion die design makes the extrusion more stable under high-speed production;

4.The optimized design of the water flow and the vacuum calibrating system lowers the energy consumption;

5.The universal flowmeter controls the water quantity of the calibrator, which is more stable and controllable;

6.Cutting and winding integrated design, more compact space, more convenient to use;

7.Automatic coil changing, bundling, and unloading, with a high degree of automation to meet the speed of 60m/min.


गुआंगदोंग ब्लेसन प्रिसिजन मशीनरी कंपनी, लिमिटेड. is a professional manufacturer of plastic extrusion equipment including single screw extruder, conical and parallel twin-screw extruder, पीवीसी पाइप उत्पादन लाइन, HDPE pipe production line, पीपीआर पाइप उत्पादन लाइन, पीवीसी प्रोफ़ाइल और पैनल उत्पादन लाइन, and cast film production line, आदि.

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