FAQS How to Do the Maintenance for Plastic Extruders

How to Do the Maintenance for Plastic Extruders

July 6, 2021

Plastic extruders are widely used for the production of plastic products. Its efficiency directly determines the profit of the company. At this stage, the rapid development of related technologies of machinery alone has brought great difficulties to equipment maintenance due to the continuous improvement of automation. How to maintain effective and high-quality equipment has become an important issue for the management and operation team of plastic product manufacturers.

maintainance for plastic extruders

maintainance for plastic extruders

Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with excellent products and services, and pays special attention to the maintenance of machinery. Its product portfolio comprises single screw extruder, conical twin screw extruder, parallel twin screw extruder, PVC pipe production line, PE pipe production line and PPR pipe production line. Effective maintenance is to provide guarantee for the normal and efficient operation of machinery and equipment. The following is the maintenance instruction for plastic extruder compiled by Blesson’s engineers and technicians for your reference.

The plastic extrusion system can be maintained in the following two ways:

1. Daily maintenance: Daily maintenance is a regular routine work, which is usually done while the machine is running. The focus is to clean the machine, lubricate the moving parts, tighten the threaded parts that are easy to loosen, check and adjust the motors, control instruments, various working parts and pipelines in time.

2. Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance is usually carried out after the extruder is continuously running for 2500h-5000h, and the machine is shut down. The machine needs to be disassembled to check, measure, and appraise the wear of the main parts, replace the parts that have reached the specified wear limit, and repair the damaged parts. .

In addition to maintenance, during the daily use of the plastic extruder, you should also pay attention to the following points:

1. No-load running is not allowed to avoid the screw and barrel rolling.

2. If abnormal noise occurs when the extruder is running, it should be stopped immediately for inspection or repair.

3. Strictly prevent metals or other debris from falling into the hopper to avoid damage to the screw and barrel. To prevent iron impurities, the material must be screened in advance, meanwhile a magnetic absorption device can be installed at the material inlet of the barrel.

4. Pay attention to the clean production environment. Do not mix garbage and impurities into the material to block the filter plate, which will affect the output, quality and increase the resistance of the extruder head.

5. When the extruder needs to be stopped for a long time, the screw, barrel, head and other working surfaces should be coated with anti-rust grease. The small screw should be hung in the air or placed in a special wooden box, and be leveled with wooden blocks to prevent the screw from deforming or bumping.

6. Regularly calibrate the temperature control instrument to check the correctness of its adjustment and the sensitivity of control.

7. The maintenance of the gearbox of the extruder is the same as that of the general standard gearbox. Mainly check the wear and failure of gears and bearings. The gearbox should use the lubricating oil specified in the machine manual, and add the oil according to the specified oil level. Too little oil, insufficient lubrication, reducing the service life of parts; too much oil, high heat generation, high energy consumption, and easy deterioration of oil , It also makes the lubrication ineffective, causing damage to the parts. The sealing ring should be replaced in time at the oil leakage part of the gearbox to ensure the amount of lubricating oil.

8. The inner wall of the cooling water pipe attached to the extruder is easy to scale and the outside is easy to corrode and rust. Careful inspection should be done during maintenance. Excessive scale will block the pipeline and fail to achieve the cooling effect. If the rust is serious, water leakage will occur. Therefore, descaling and anti-corrosion measures must be taken during maintenance.

9. Designate a person to be responsible for equipment maintenance. And the detailed records of each maintenance and repair situation are included in the factory equipment management file.

Above are the maintenance measures and daily use experience practiced by Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. , suitable for single screw extruder, conical twin screw extruder, and parallel twin screw extruder, etc. Helping customers maintain high-efficiency machines is one of the primary objectives for Blesson team.The measures presented here will be further developed in accordance with the design and technological improvement of the machines. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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