MEDIA Blesson Large L/D Ratio Series Single Screw Extruder

Blesson Large L/D Ratio Series Single Screw Extruder

8 月 21, 2021

Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service of plastic extrusion equipment, and is committed to creating high-end plastic machines. Our large L/D ratio series single-screw extruders, through special screw design and careful selection of various components, obtain the optimal overall performance and high output. The capacity is much higher than the industry average, and the plasticization effect is superb. The following table shows the main parameters of Blesson large L/D ratio (40:1) series single screw extruders:single screw extruder

High-efficiency Single Screw Extruder – L/D ratio (40:1)
ModelScrew Diameter
L/D RatioMotor Power (kW)Max. Output (kg/h)


Let’s take BLD50-40 single-screw extruder as an example to introduce its main performance and components in detail.

ScrewThe latest design with large L/D ratio, good plasticization and dispersion effect
BarrelOptimized spiral slotted bushing, efficient solid conveying efficiency
MotorWEG permanent magnet synchronous motor, high efficiency and energy saving, low noise
GearboxSpecial Taiwan-brand gearbox for extruder, stable transmission and low noise
Control system12-inch German Siemens touch screen operating system for remote operation
Weighing systemiNOEX weighing system, integrated control, to ensure stable quality of extruded products
HeaterHigh quality heater with stainless steel shell and heat insulation layer, energy saving.
Electrical componentsInverter: ABB

Contactor: ABB/ Schneider

Breaker: ABB/ Schneider

Solid relay: CELDUC/ CRYDOM

At present, the large L/D ratio (40:1) series single-screw extruders from Guangdong Blesson Precision Machinery Co.,LTD. are at the leading level in the industry. They are widely used in various PE pipe production lines, PPR pipe production lines, profile production lines, and cast film production lines, and play a significant role in increasing production capacity and reducing energy consumption which have been praised by various plastic product manufacturers in the industry.

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