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  • Pelletizing Line From Blesson Precision Machinery
  • Pelletizing Line

    1. High-quality processing

    2. Easy operation and energy-efficient

    3. On-line or off-line available

    • Description

    Main technical features:

    1. The production line is composed of an extruder, pelletizing die, granulator, and cooling device, which is simply structured, and convenient to operate.

    2. Conical twin-screw extruder with unique screw design, high output, and good plasticizing effect.

    3. Unique die design for better molding effect.

    4. The granulator cuts evenly, with a protective cover to ensure safe operation.

    5. The granulation air tank is composed of two cooling tanks and one storage air tank, which is convenient and efficient for collection.

    Model list:

    Line ModelCutting typeExtruder ModelMax. Output


    Total Installation Power


    BLZ-65PVC(I)hot cutBLE65-132G45090
    BLZ-80PVC(I)hot cutBLE80-156450120
    BLZ-92PVChot cutBLE92-188850200
    BLZ-95PVChot cutBLE95-1911050220
    BLZ-130PVC(I)hot cutBLP130-261100230
    BLZ-55PVChot cutBLE55-11018076
    BLZ-65PVC(II)hot cutBLE65-13230090
    BLZ-65 PE/PPRhob cold cutBLD65-34150120
    BLZ-65 PE/PPwater ring hot cutBLE65-132150120
    BLZ-75PEThob cold cutBLP75-40350190
    BLZ-80PE/PPR(I)hob cold cutBLD80-34350205
    BLZ-80PE/PPR(II)hob cold cutBLD80-34350180
    BLZ-80PVC(II)hot cutBLE80-156450170
    BLZ-80PVC(III)hot cutBLE80-156450170
    BLZ-80PVC(IIII)hot cutBLE80-156450170
    BLZ-92PVC(II)hot cutBLE92-188850215
    BLZ-92PVC(III)hot cutBLE92-188850205
    BLZ-95PEThob cold cutBLP95-40650340
    BLZ-130PVC(II)hot cutBLP130-261100240
    BLZ-130PVC(III)hot cutBLP130-261100240
    BLZ-150PEhob cold cutBLD150-24280340
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